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We are a transparent, low cost investment firm, 
accountable for performance.
No performance, No fee.  
About US

Glaser Portfolio Indicators provides a portfolio service to individuals and family trusts, building portfolios of assets from start or remodelling mature portfolios that are not performing up to standard.


We start with a full investigation of your assets, risk profile and goals, and then prepare a plan of attack.


Our role as advisors is to beat or at least match market returns without taking unacceptable risks and while keeping your assets safely registered in your name. At an absolute minimum, your portfolio must never fall behind market returns for any extended period. If they do action must be taken and fees suspended.


Achieving a better than economic return is difficult when layers of intermediaries manage your assets. If fees and other costs accumulate to say 2.5% pa or higher (and this is quite standard when you combine adviser, custodian and managed fund fees), it means that as much as 25%  of your retirement wealth will be eaten away by expenses over a 7-10 year period.


This amount of “bleed” is very difficult to make up, except by increasing the amount of risk you are prepared to take with the assets.

Our solution is in a business model that:

  1. Buys securities directly on the market or through index funds (ETFs) and not through managed funds.

  2. Uses diversification to limit the risks to the portfolio, across several countries, asset types and currencies.

  3. Keeps assets registered in the client’s name, not in a custodian, to maximize ownership safety, and reduce administration costs.

  4. Limits adviser’s fees to an hourly rate for work done, and NOT charged as a percentage of assets. The hours needed for building and monitoring the portfolio are estimated at the beginning of each year and capped, which would substantially reduce cost for the client.

  5. Is accountable for performing, with fees suspended in situations where the portfolio returns are negative or fails to meet the benchmark return delivered by index funds.

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